Committed to mouth care and hygiene for over 90 years

The traditional trading company Helago has been successful in selling a wide portfolio of mouth and tooth care products for the last 90 years. Helago sells its own brands dentipur®, Helago® and Audiozon® to lots of customers all over the world. The company also offers successfully the development and production of private label products for national and international markets.

In 2019 Helago became member of the BMP family and sells over 200 million effervescent tablets every year. The portfolio of products is constantly being expanded in co-operation with reliable and qualified partners.

Helago und BMP Oral Care guarantee high quality and competent consultation. High flexibility and customer awareness make sure that products follow the individual requirements of international markets and B2B customers.

Denture products, braces and deaf-aid

Over 90 years of experience

Manufacturing following highest quality standards

Our products are also available as private label

Our own brands: dentipur®, Helago® und Audiozon®

Unsere Eigenmarken

Unsere Eigenmarken werden weltweit vertrieben. Unser Know-how im diesem Bereich ist die Grundlage für erfolgreiche Private Label Marken unserer Kunden.