The good comes from within – with high quality ingredients

Ingredients, their quality and composition are key to good supplements, medical products or pharmaceuticals and will define the choice of your customers. You can rely on established partnerships to our suppliers and partners, that are always qualified and regularly verified or audited. When deciding on the choice of ingredients for your product we always follow your requirements and wishes.

We are well experienced in processing vitamines, minerals, trace elements or other active ingredients. International trends bring lots of plant based and innovative materials from all over the world onto the health care and beauty market. You can trust our expertise when working with these ingredients.

We develop and produce your private label product for these indications:

Health (e.g. joints and bones, immune system, metabolism)

Beauty (e.g. skin, hair, nails)

Weight controll

Health ageing

Looking for ingredients or a proposal for a formula from us?

We will support you in defining your new product.