The galenic development of solid dosage forms, i.e. hard gelatin capsules, tablets, coated tablets, effervescent tablets and powder mixes is one of the core competences of our company.

The first step of product development is always a feasibility analysis, followed by the gathering of suitable active ingredients and excipients. After the development goals, milestones, deadlines and budget are determined the actual development starts. In-process controls and analytical methods aid a swift development process. Product quality and process parameters will be determined and optimized in close cooperation with the customer until product maturity is reached. If desired it is possible to produce stability- registration- and clinical-sample batches.

We are giving you access to extensive experience with micronisation by using air jet mills, which can be used to optimize dispersion or the bio availability of active ingredients and excipients. Further services of our R&D department are the optimization of formulations, stability tests under ICH conditions, the groundwork for registration related documents as well as process validations.